Stetson hat à la Calamity Jane

A hat, a clock and now you think the « Mad Hatter » from Alice in Wonderland! But for this style I went for a more modern cowboy look with my Stetson hat!


This is not news if I tell you that I have always loved hats, caps, beanies, turbans, crowns …. I mean all kind of headdress!

Since the beginning of the fall I share with you different looks with these trendy head accessories: fedora, floppy hat, panama!

I think the hat catches the eye and gives the look, the cape is the quintessential feminine hat, but I also like to wear berets for men and other men’s hats for a dandy style.

For this look, let’s go back in time, to go far away to the Wild West, but not too far!



There is hat and HAT, this one is a Stetson, named after hat maker John Batterson Stetson who founded the company in 1830, an history and especially the American symbol of independence, individuality and integrity.

This hat is made famous by the legendary Bill Bufallo, actors Tom Mix and James Dean, more recent stars such as Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp are addicted to the Stetson.

There are different materials and shapes, including Stetson caps, the one I’m wearing is the Edgar model in wool felt, a wonder to touch, I chose wide for comfort with my braids!




For a more feminine result, I opted for an H&M skirt, black and long, very simple but so chic, a nod to the adventurous and courageous Martha Jane alias Calamity Jane, who also made the hat famous.

As for shoes, to stay in the vintage style, I wear my favorite leather boots, my Lily by Tabuba Paris, and fringes details on the bag, a gift to myself that I got at the inauguration of the Galeries Lafayette Outlet at One Nation Paris.

Stetson hat via Headict
H&M skirt and denim shirt
C&A Necklace
Bag See By Chloé
Lily Boots by Tabuba paris


So, are you fans of hats? What do you think of my style?

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