Good God by Drx Legend Paris

Poetry, Fashion and Art, welcome to the world of Cedric Dumont, Parisian artist, a bit provocative who shares his addiction for t-shirt through its brand DRX Legend.


« Beauty is always weird,” quote by French poet Charles Baudelaire that sums up the spirit of DRX Legend. Dark, intriguing or even disturbing to some, these Drx Legend messages and designs will not leave indifferent.

It is precisely this blend of art, poetry, fashion and spirituality that drew my attention. Behind this collection, Cedric Dumont, a 33 year- old French designer, immersed in the Fashion world at a very young age.

He launched his brand in 2010, after drawing a first collection i by the spirit of the Underground tattoo; he decided to broaden his field of vision to other perspectives and artistic fields.

The T-shirt has always been trendy; Messages, logos, pictures … the fashion market is flooded with this ‘quasi universal’.

DRX LEGEND stands out for its collaborations with photographers (Alexandra Utzmann), painters (Virginie Caillet, Cedric Azencoth Yassine Mekhnache), musicians or other designers. Associations that led to a second series called Fusion.

Provocative creations like this T-shirt « What do you want to do Before You Die. »

A shirt completely on trend as it recalls the MTV documentary « The Buried Life » about four young Canadians on a mission to complete a list of ‘100 Things To Do Before You Die’ . The famous ‘Bucket List’ that many have decided to complete.

A question that sometimes arises without admitting … Establishing your ‘life list’, regardless of its content, dreams and desires, the answer is simply « LIVE », and especially live without regrets …

The designer uses poetry, provocation, giving way to emotion: « This is my body » says Cedric Dumont, ultimate provocation because the artist borrows the words of Christ to discuss his artisal manufacturing « Made in Home »  line.

A 100% cotton collection, laser cut, allowing each one to suit the movement for a « bare skin » effect and comfort that encapsulates the body.

For Drx Legend is quality not quantity that prevails, collections available online at, for sale at 59 € for T-shirt and 90€ for the sweatshirt for women.

  – / Facebook DRX LEGEND PARIS/ Instagram @drxlegend

T-shirt Drx Legend

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Kaki Fedora by Monoprix

Leather jacket and  Slim jeans by H&M

Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses

Black Casio watch

Billie Hilliard bracelet

Boots Tabuba Paris

And you, what do you want to do before you die?


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